BTS’s Night Owls Jimin, J-Hope, And Suga Have A Late Night Whiskey Party While The Other Members Are Asleep

They were partying while all the other members were sleeping 😂

BTS‘s Jimin, J-Hope, and Suga had a mini party while the other members were relaxing and sleeping on the latest episode of BTS In the SOOP 2!

BTS’s J-Hope (left), Jimin (middle), and Suga (right) | BTS/Weverse

The members were tired after playing a chaotic game of foot volleyball. Jungkook and Jin were ready for bed by 8 PM.

Meanwhile, V relaxed with an audiobook in the study.

RM was enjoying his own book under the stars.

RM headed back in the house after Jimin told him that he, J-Hope, and Suga were about to watch the South Korean women’s volleyball team compete in the Olympics. The members were totally captivated by the exciting match!

After they cheered when the South Korean volleyball team beat the Japanese team, RM went to his room to wash up for bed.

J-Hope also returned to his room to wash up, and Suga and Jimin stayed behind in the living room.

Later, Jimin visited J-Hope’s room, and they decided to head back to the main house for some whiskey because they weren’t tired yet.

Suga was reading at the time, but he quickly abandoned his book to drink with Jimin and J-Hope.

J-Hope and Jimin played a game of FIFA 21 while Suga relaxed on the couch.

Of course, no late-night party is complete without snacks! While J-Hope and Jimin played their video game, Suga whipped up a quick snack in the kitchen.

The soccer video game got very intense because J-Hope and Jimin both chose teams from their hometowns as their characters. J-Hope chose a team from Gwangju, and Jimin chose a team from Busan. J-Hope ultimately beat Jimin in the game, and Suga headed to bed after he watched the end of the game.

The whiskey kept flowing after Suga went to bed though! J-Hope and Jimin stayed up late eating, drinking, and gaming.

The next morning, J-Hope told Suga that he and Jimin had finished off the entire bottle of whiskey!

Sounds like these night owls had a great night together!