Why BTS’s Jimin Got Goosebumps Listening To J-Hope’s “On The Street” Featuring J. Cole

This behind-the-scenes story makes everything even crazier!

BTS‘s Jimin recently described an exciting full circle moment he had while listening to J-Hope‘s new song “on the street” featuring J. Cole.

BTS’s J-Hope, J. Cole, and Jimin | @uarmyhope/Instagram

During a live broadcast, he revealed how excited he is for his own solo release. He urged ARMY to wait patiently for his upcoming solo album, FACE, and to continue to listen to the BTS members’ solo music.

Specifically, he admitted he’s a big fan of J-Hope’s new song.

Jimin is especially moved by the song because of just how much J-Hope has always been inspired by J. Cole. Ever since their predebut days, he always cited J. Cole as his role model.

Since J-Hope was young, while we were trainees, he talked about his role model a lot.

— Jimin

Even Jimin had overwhelming and exciting feelings watching the video as what J-Hope once dreamed about came true.

The moment that stood out the most to Jimin was when J. Cole personally shouted out J-Hope by name. It made everything feel so much more real!

His reaction to the line was the same as ARMYs!

Jimin shared that he’s so inspired by the amazing steps the members are taking in their solo careers…

…and is ready to push himself beyond what he’s previously done to make his own solo career the best it can be!


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