ARMY Catches BTS’s Jimin Showing His True Humble Personality While Leaving J-Hope’s Lollapalooza Stage

The crowd saw him doing this!

Like a supportive best friend and fellow member, BTS‘s Jimin accompanied J-Hope to Chicago music festival Lollapalooza where he watched J-Hope become the first ever Korean headliner of the event.

Recently, J-Hope shared just how appreciative he was that Jimin came all this way to support him during such an important milestone in his career. Showing how selfless he truly is, it was a little difficult for Jimin to accept such kind words!

However, that’s not the only time Jimin showed his humble nature. Lucky fans had an intimate moment with Jimin as he left from his spot where he watched J-Hope on the side of the stage.


Waving to ARMY, he couldn’t help but greet his fans who were acknowledging him.


As fans screamed, Jimin quickly shut it down with a “no” sign, signaling that he doesn’t need any applause because this is J-Hope’s show!


Jimin didn’t attend Lollapalooza as “BTS’s Jimin” — On this special day, he was just one of many ARMY showing up to support J-Hope!

Check out the full TikTok by user below.

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