BTS’s Jimin Models For Photographer J-Hope’s Photoshoot And The Results Are Hilarious

These photos are legendary! 🤣

Leave it to J-Hope to turn BTS‘s downtime into an impromptu photoshoot! While filming for the The Late Late Show With James Corden, Jimin became his muse as he went into full photographer mode.

For photo #1, their reaction to the photo truly said it all.

The results? Truly a work of art!

Defeated by the sun, a squinty-eyed Jimin showed off his goofy smile, making for a photo that ARMYs need uploaded on social media, like, now.

For photo #2, J-Hope worked his magic while Jimin stood in the beaming sun.

I should post this with the caption, ‘Fighting the sunlight.’

— Jimin

The results? Another legendary photo! Just check out that emotion.

Lastly, for photo #3, Jimin went all out on his modeling to the point where even J-Hope was stunned.

What kind of art is this?

— J-Hope

This happens to be one of ARMY’s seven favorite pieces of art.

The results? They never showed ARMYs the final photo, but with that reaction, it had to be good!

Check out the full video below.