BTS’s J-Hope Gives TMI About Jimin’s Farts On “Run BTS!” And Things Get Extremely Chaotic

Jimin’s reaction! 🤣

J-Hope and Jimin recently proved why they are BTS‘s most chaotic duo during the latest episode of Run BTS! It all started when Jimin was determined to do well in the ping pong ball balance challenge.

Previously, he couldn’t get a single win…

…and it was time to regain his honor with a victory!

He went in with a unique technique, utilizing a wide grip with his focus level at maximum.

Everything was going well, until one member suddenly spoke up!

J-Hope decided to do whatever he could to throw off Jimin’s game and revealed a hilarious TMI.

Jimin farts when he focuses!

— J-Hope

Even the other members were shocked by the unexpected news.

Jimin couldn’t contain his laughter and froze in the middle of the game.

It’s legendary if you fart right now.


Even RM switched up from not wanting him to mention farting to getting on board with Jimin becoming the “God of Entertainment.”

As he dropped the ping pong balls, he released all of his pent-up laughter.

However, it was soon time to get his revenge on J-Hope!

Isn’t Jimin going to fart when J-Hope goes up there?

— Jin

The moment J-Hope took a step, Jimin stuck his butt out — but it wasn’t enough to throw J-Hope off his game!

Feeling a little bad for Jimin, he suddenly dedicated his win to his younger member.

As expected, big brothers just love to annoy their little brothers!