BTS’s J-Hope Surprises Jimin At The “Like Crazy” MV Set — And Things Get Chaotic

They couldn’t stop laughing at what Jimin did!

BTS‘s Jimin and J-Hope proved they are the definition of “friendship goals” when J-Hope showed up to support Jimin’s solo music video, “Like Crazy.”

Even for the smallest things, he had nothing but compliments for Jimin — like when Jimin wowed him by simply walking!

That was good! Your feet acting was nice. Those were some nice steps.

— J-Hope

J-Hope also came with gifts, including some delicious croquettes that the two shared.

Not only did J-Hope travel all this way with delicious food…

…he made sure to also bring other necessities!

You bought milk too? How are you so considerate? I was thinking of milk!

— Jimin

Not a single detail slips his mind when it comes to supporting his members.

And it’s low-fat? You’re so considerate.

— Jimin

However, like true brothers, the two love to tease each other.

J-Hope made fun of Jimin’s photography skills…

…especially when he managed to make the croquette look like something else entirely!

Isn’t this a chicken nugget? Making a croquette look like a chicken nugget is a skill!

— J-Hope

Even after the snacks, J-Hope stayed on set to support Jimin from the sidelines.

After playing around together, they monitor the results seriously together.

Following praise for his hard work, the duo took photos in classic “celebrity and fan” style.

Everyone needs a friend like J-Hope in their life!

Jimin, fighting! I’m always here to support you. ARMY, please love Jimin’s solo album.

— J-Hope

Watch the full video below.