BTS’s Jimin and Jin Reveal Whether Or Not Alcohol Helps Them Sing Better

“I would drink one or two cans of beer before recording.”

During a recent interview, BTS‘s Jimin and Jin discussed the effects of alcohol on their ability to sing.

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The topic arose when Jimin revealed the techniques he uses that help him sing his best, like staying hydrated and sleeping with a humidifier.

One of his tips was avoiding alcohol around the time of recordings or times when he needs to sing his best.

I don’t drink since drinking makes your throat very dry as you probably know.

— Jimin

However, Jin had a different stance on the topic from his own personal experience.

Contrary to Jimin, drinking a bit of alcohol actually helped improve Jin’s ability to record.

In the past when recording wasn’t really going well for me, I would take one or two cans of beer and drink them before recording.

— Jin

Jimin has heard that some people may benefit from it.



However, in his personal experience, it’s best to avoid it.

Apparently, every singer has their own unique vocal secrets!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Check out their full interview below!