BTS’s Jimin And Jin Speak On The Idea Of A “NEXT BTS”

Although there’s only one BTS, Jin and Jimin had their own views about it.

To support their new album BE, BTS opened themselves to the many questions that everyone was curious about during their global press conference. In the closing portion designated for press Q&A, one reporter asked about the possibility of a “Next BTS.

Although there’s only one BTS, Jin and Jimin were the ones to respond skillfully and shared their positive view on the situation.

Jin admitted it hadn’t crossed their minds in detail but reminded him of the starry-eyed way they once viewed the artists they looked up to. “In fact, we would also need time to think about this. We used to think of our role models and desired to be artists.

He pointed out how forging their own path had led them to the success they’ve achieved as BTS. “But by walking through our own path instead of following their directions, we could discover our own way.

Jin had faith in them all to pursue what was right for them, “We believe in ourselves but also our next juniors.

Even though their juniors may look up to them in the hopes of becoming like them, Jin emphasized that staying true to themselves was the ultimate way to discover their calling. “Maybe someone could set us as their role model, but they could achieve a bigger success if they explore their own way.

Like Jin, Jimin expressed how flattering it was for their juniors to look up to them and appreciated hearing the phrase. “I really like the phrase ‘BTS Jr.’ because it sounds like people think of us positively. But actually, we haven’t thought of our juniors in detail.

Since BTS is constantly working on new things, Jimin noted that they’re still evolving with each new venture and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. “Every time we release new albums, we’re reminded that it’s just a beginning, and we try to show better performances.

Listen to Jin and Jimin put a different spin on the question that focused on their joy in inspiring other artists in the same way they were inspired to become singers.


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