Jimin Exposes Jungkook’s Sexy Shirt Habit On “Let’s BTS”

The truth behind “My Time” is out!

Jimin shared a behind-the-scenes “secret” about Jungkook, and we’re loving it!

Jimin | Let’s BTS/KBS

BTS recently appeared on KBS for a special talk show called Let’s BTS. Here they performed songs, danced with comedian Jang Do Yeonanswered questions, and cracked fans up with their chaotic antics.

At one point, Jimin brought up a funny backstage moment from BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL: ONE. At this on-tact concert, Jungkook wore an open shirt for his solo song, “My Time.”

Jimin revealed that Jungkook unbuttoned more of his shirt for the concert than he did during rehearsals. “He doesn’t do that in rehearsals,” he said. “But when we do the real thing, he’s suddenly in a rush.”

Jungkook wasn’t about to let that slide! He playfully fired back by revealing that he learned the habit from Jimin. “Hyung, I copied that from you!” he exclaimed.

Watch the clip here: