BTS’s Jimin Just Revealed His Favorite Place In The Flirtiest Way Possible

Violently blushing through Jimin day.

BTS‘s Jiminย just held a live broadcast celebrating his birthday with ARMYs. In the middle of a packed schedule ahead of the group’s upcoming concert in Busan, he spent over an hour building a lego flower bouquet while answering a few fan questions in between.

While working on the second flower of the playset, he noticed a comment asking him about his favorite city and why he liked it the most. Instead of giving the name directly, he responded in the most Jimin-esque way possible.

He replied saying, “As long as you guys are there, I like every city.” If that isn’t the smoothest and the most romantic answer ever!

ARMYs are understandably struggling to cope with this sudden attack of emotions at his simple answer. After all, there is no one whose warm words hit harder than Jimin’s!


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