American Musician JVKE Spills On How BTS’s Jimin Joined The Collaboration For “Angel Pt. 1”

It speaks to Jimin’s incredible global impact.

BTS Jimin‘s recent collaboration OST for the Fast & Furious film Fast X, “Angel Pt. 1,” has officially been released.

The song was a collaboration between Jimin and American musicians Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, JVKE, and Muni Long. Fans were extra excited that Jimin got to participate in the track as he has often shared his love of the Fast & Furious franchise.

And a recent interview with JVKE shows just how highly the producers valued Jimin’s role in the song.

JVKE explained that, for his involvement, he was sent the song and agreed to participate before even knowing what the track was for since he liked it so much.

So the way this all came together was someone had reached out to me, and they had sent me this song, and usually, I write the majority of my songs just with me and my brother. And this one, I did not write it, but I’ve gone on record to some of my friends saying, ‘This is the best song that I’ve heard, pitched to me, ever written before.’


JVKE | 102.7KIISFM/YouTube 

And JVKE also shared that Jimin had a similar experience, where the song’s producers reached out to Jimin and “pitched the idea…” showing that the producers felt Jimin was perfectly suited for the song.

I think a very similar thing happened with Jimin; someone sent him the song and just pitched the idea of having the both of us on it.


BTS’s Jimin | NLE CHOPPA/YouTube

According to JVKE, Jimin also really loved the song, as all the collaborators did.

And it was really cool because originally, the track was very violin centric, very orchestral, but now it’s changed to a bit more piano, and that was from some of my influence. And by the time it got to Jimin, he had a similar response to me. We’re all just the biggest fans; everybody involved with the project has been like, ‘This is the song. This is it.’



And, of course, fans loved Jimin’s vocals in the song, proving that the producers made the perfect choice in including him in the project.

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Source: 102.7KIISFM


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