BTS Jimin Left ARMY Breathless At Seoul Music Awards Red Carpet

Jimin had a special surprise for ARMY.

The 28th Seoul Music Awards had barely kicked off and ARMY was already in for a special surprise on the red carpet.

The BTS members started to file in, led by V

As the camera panned over, everyone realized that Jimin now had purple hair!

Immediately, ARMY took to social media to talk about Jimin’s new style. So much so that “PURPLE JIMIN” started to trend worldwide.

This marks the debut of Jimin with purple hair and everyone absolutely loves it, his hair has never been this color before.

The rest of BTS also displayed their killer visuals on the red carpet. BTS had a brief interview where they thanked everyone for attending and organising the event and ARMY for supporting them.

The boys will be performing “Fake Love” and “Idol” on the show.

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