ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki Reveals How Challenging It Was To Cover BTS Jimin’s “Lie” Dance 

He’s taking fans behind the scenes.

When BTS‘s Jimin takes the stage, he transforms dance into magic. His performances leave audiences spellbound, and even some veteran dancers might shy away from covering his choreography.


Jimin’s Big Hit Labels‘ junior, ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki, is just fifteen years old, but he’s already proving to be a world-class dancer. His dance cover of “Lie”, Jimin’s solo song from BTS’s WINGS album, gave fans goosebumps.

Ni-ki | Big Hit Labels

“This is my first time making a dance cover of Jimin’s song,” Ni-ki said in a new behind the scenes video. “So I was kind of nervous.”

Ni-ki (left) and Jimin (right) dancing to “Lie”.

At the time “Lie” was released, Ni-ki was ten years old. At a young age, he tried learning parts of the dance.

Actually, I’ve known the song “Lie” for a long time and I tried bits of the choreography when I was young, but I forgot it completely and had to learn from scratch.

— Ni-ki

“It was really hard, to be honest,” Ni-ki went on. “Also, I practiced for about three days. I think it was a good experience. If I get a chance to do a dance cover next time, please look forward to that as well.”

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