Why BTS’s Jimin Just Liked This Lucky Little Girl’s Video

We’re SO jealous!

This little girl is going viral for her pure love for BTS‘s Jimin!

Maggie is a young ARMY who just got the treat of a lifetime when her bias Jimin liked her Instagram reel showcasing her love for him.

The video contains all of the cutest moments throughout the year of her obsessing over Jimin…

…and honestly, we relate!

Maggie is a fan of all BTS members but makes it known that her bias is Jimin.

She loves to see him on TV and collect his photocards.

She’s also a big fan of Jimin’s BT21 character Chimmy!

Maggie is just like us, and when she found out Jimin liked her video, she couldn’t hide her excitement!

It seems that Jimin’s fans are just as cute as he is!

Check out the video Jimin clicked “like” on below.