BTS Jimin’s Mysterious Phone Wallpaper Of Himself Is Apparently “Too Sexual” For ARMYs

A member took the photo of him! 😂

BTS‘s Jimin is full of surprises!

During a recent live broadcast, he checked the time on his phone when J-Hope suddenly noticed his unique wallpaper.

However, Jimin quickly reminded him who the photographer was!

[Hoseok] Hyung, you took this photo!

— Jimin

The members began passing around the photo, and things only got more mysterious for ARMYs who were dying to see exactly what was on the screen.

It’s too sexual!

— RM

V revealed he was also there during the photoshoot and that it was the “concept.”

I’d like to show you [ARMYs], but this is too much.

— Jimin

All ARMYs know about the photo is what Jimin revealed: All of the BTS members were present for it and J-Hope took a great photo of Jimin.

I guess ARMYs will just have to imagine what kind of masterpiece was taken that day!

See what else they revealed during their live broadcast below.

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