BTS’s Jimin Dishes On The Meaning Behind The “Pt. 2” In His Song “Set Me Free Pt.2” And How It’s Related To Suga

Can you guess why?

BTS‘s Jimin marked the beginning of his solo debut with the release of the single “Set Me Free Pt. 2.” The song and its accompanying music video left fans floored with its catchy beat, intricate choreography, and emotional lyrics.


In an interview with online publication Consequence, the “Dynamite” singer recalled the way he felt when the song was created. Saying he was attached to it, he explained that he had gone on a trip to the US for the choir recording, and he will never forget the moment he heard it being sung. To him, it was a “really good memory.”

When this song was made, I felt really attached to it. I went to the US myself for the choir recording, and listening to it right next to them was truly amazing. I remember it as a really good memory.

— Jimin

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But the question still remains—why exactly did the BTS member add “Pt. 2″ to the song title? As fans would know, Jimin has never released a song titled “Set Me Free” before.

It turns out it has something to do with fellow member Suga! According to the singer, “Pt. 2” is a nod to a track on the rapper’s second Agust D mixtape, D-2.


Jimin went on to say that they had never intentionally tried to connect the two. However, he noticed that the lyrics are very similar to each other. His song is about freedom and moving forward, while Suga’s is about the stories that came before. It made him realize that it would be a good idea to make his single “come after that.”

There isn’t a connection, and we weren’t trying to divide part one or part two. But since it turns out my song talks about freedom and moving forward, and SUGA’s song talks about some of the stories that come before, I thought it would be good to come after that.

— Jimin

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Source: Consequence