BTS’s Jimin Modeled This Shirt On His Walk To The Van… Now It’s Sold Out Everywhere

We’re not surprised.

On June 14, 2020, post BANG BANG CON The Live online concert

“BANG BANG CON The Live” Poster

BTS‘s Jimin turned this brief walk to the van into his personal runway.

Press Photo of BTS’s Jimin

He was captured wearing a NOMAD brand t-shirt in red orange…

… that reads “BE A GOOD HUMAN” on the back.

The shirt, priced around 65 euros (73 US dollars), has since been sold out everywhere!

This is not the first time Jimin casually sold out a product with his A+ modeling. Read more about his unintended marketing magic here:

Jimin’s Super Expensive Robe Sold Out After BTS’s Japan Fan Meeting

Source: THEQOO