BTS’s Jimin Shocks ARMYs After Finally Revealing His Moon Back Tattoo He’s Been Teasing For A Year

The wait is finally over… and it’s as unreal as expected!

BTS‘s Jimin has finally revealed his beautiful moon tattoo.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

While tattoos are taboo in Korea, Jimin has never been afraid to showcase his beautiful artwork over the years.

BTS Jimin has always shown off his tattoos | BTS/VLIVE

At the start of 2022, BTS played their first in-person concert in Korea at Olympic Stadium in Seoul since the pandemic started. During the show, fans noticed two new tattoos, including one on the base of his neck, which was a beautiful and dainty crescent moon…

Jimin’s tattoo was first seen in March 2022 | @JiminGlobal/Twitter

During a later broadcast, Jimin revealed that, at first, it was only one moon on the base of his neck. However, it seems like the preview pictures from the airport rightly proved that there was more than one… and it’s all because of BTS’s V and an ARMY.

Jimin explained that at first, he only had one moon tattoo on the base of his neck. However, V showed him some artwork done by a fan that inspired him.

Jimin first talking about his tattoo | BTS/VLIVE 

@ArizzoStudios was the creator of the work, and seeing the original image close-up truly showcases the beauty and talent of the artist, and it isn’t surprising that Jimin was so inspired by the piece to incorporate it into his own tattoo.

After the initial announcement, Jimin hadn’t updated fans with the full design.

Even during a recent live broadcast, Jimin was asked about the tattoo. Of course, although the idol always wants to please ARMYs, he honestly replied, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to. Didn’t I say that the time would come, everyone? Just wait.”

Jimin recently addressed the tattoo | BTS/Weverse

Well, it seems like the time has come, and as Jimin explained, he showed the tattoo in the form in his own time… in his new album. On March 24, Jimin released his new album FACE along with the music video for his title track “Like Crazy.”

BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

Of course, along with the video, ARMYs have started getting their albums with a stunning photobook. Fans were shocked after flicking through and seeing that Jimin had finally revealed the beautiful tattoo in the book.

The first glimpse of Jimin’s tattoo in the “FACE” photobook | @taekbbokiii/Twitter

Even in the behind-the-scenes footage just released, Jimin showed off the beautiful tattoo, and it really looked even more beautiful than just from a picture of the album.

| BANGTANTV/YouTube   

If that wasn’t enough, it seems like the designer and creator of the tattoo itself was someone known to ARMYs. Although a fan designed it, it seems like the tattoo itself was done by POLYC SJ, the same person who did the iconic “7” friendship tattoos.

On his Instagram, he shared a photo of the tattoo, and it was truly spectacular.

As expected, Jimin was right when he asked ARMYs to wait. The idol revealed the tattoo in his own way, and it was definitely worth the wait.

You can read more about the tattoo below.

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