BTS’s Jimin Named The Biggest Influencer During Paris Men’s Fashion Week 2023

He outdid Kylie Jenner with almost double the impact.

BTS member Jimin recently made quite the noise after attending the Paris Men’s Fashion Week as the new global ambassador of Dior. From the crowd he drew while attending the Dior show to the crazy media attention he generated, every response to the idol’s first steps into the fashion world indicated that his influence was already unmatched. But a recent report has quantified and put into perspective just how huge his impact really is.

| @dior/Instagram

In a joint report presented by Lefty and Karla Otto, Jimin was named the biggest influencer at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week AW23. One of the primary focuses of the report was to analyze how much EMV each influencer generated for the brands they represented during the fashion week.

EMV, an abbreviation for Earned Media Value, is a metric used in influencer marketing to measure how much monetary value a brand’s social media marketing is bringing to the table. To put it simply, the EMV of an influencer would imply how much money they made for the brand they represent through their social media activities.

During this fashion week, Dior had the highest EMV with $31.5 Million USD, and more than half of that amount was solely generated by Jimin! He was named the top influencer in the report, having garnered a total EMV of $17.1 Million USD.

The city’s biggest influencer was BTS’s Jimin, who recently became Dior’s newest brand ambassador.


Here are a few metrics that might help one picture how big of a deal those numbers are— Jimin’s EMV alone was more than the total EMV of the rest of the brands in the top 10. Without Jimin, Dior’s EMV would have dropped to $14.4 Million USD, which would put them second in the list of the top 10 brands during the fashion week, right after Saint Laurent ($15.7 Million USD EMV).

Dior saw a 370% increase in its EMV during the fashion week, to which Jimin’s brand value had a significant contribution. The craziest part is that the singer generated that amount with just two Instagram posts.

If this is how the start of his fashion era looks like, then one can only guess what’s about to come next!

Source: Lefty