BTS’s Jimin Spotted With His Neck Bandaged While Returning From Recent Japanese Tour

Fans demand that BTS be given time to fully rest.

BTS recently returned back to Seoul after finishing their stadium tour in Japan.


Jimin arrived fully covered in a black bucket hat and a large black mask.


But fans soon spotted 3 bandages on the back of Jimin’s neck!


Upon closer look, it showed that the bandages were painkiller patches that are used to alleviate muscle pain.


Fans expressed their concern and demanded that Jimin be allowed to rest so he can fully recuperate from his injuries.


Despite his neck pains, Jimin was all smiles and laughter for his ARMY at the last concert in Japan.


He even made sure to wave at his fans while at the airport despite his condition.


Hopefully, Jimin will be able to find time to rest and really recuperate his health.

Source: Xports News