BTS’s Jimin Drops His Full Night Routine — But Quickly Cleared Up Any Misunderstandings Of What He Wears To Bed

He anticipated misunderstands from ARMYs! 😂

Weverse has released a special series asking the BTS members about their nighttime routines, and the recent video was all about member Jimin.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

Obviously, the main question was about his routine before going to bed.

As expected from someone as professional as Jimin, the idol first checks to see what time he has to wake to set his alarm before being relatable AF by just scrolling on his phone until he falls asleep. While some people can sleep instantly, it can take Jimin a few hours or even up to six hours.

Considering Jimin’s next answer to what he thinks about before bed, it isn’t surprising it can take him a while to sleep. Whether it’s what he’s done or what he’s said, it’s all in his mind before bed.

Luckily, a video helped Jimin to find a go-to routine for relaxing his whole body to help him sleep.

After revealing he hugged a pillow, it was time for the serious question as Jimin revealed what he wore to bed. When asked about his favorite pajamas, the idol explained he doesn’t have a separate set of pajamas…

Because he usually sleeps without a shirt on! Jimin was also quick to explain that he doesn’t sleep naked before any misunderstood!

His reasoning is that buying pajamas means there aren’t pockets, which he needs because he’s on his phone.

Of course, ARMYs are no strangers to Jimin’s pajama habits as he often has to be censored in variety shows after he wakes up. In particular, during In The SOOP, the editing team put on a fake t-shirt for the idol.

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse   

Although Jimin always loved curling up in bed and used to sleep sideways, the idol reveals he tries to sleep on his back now to help his back.

When it came to Jimin’s alarm, he showcased how much he loves his members, explaining that for five months, he’s had a recording of the Christmas song he sang with RM.

Many ARMYs will remember the iconic performance, so it’s nice to know that even Jimin still treasures it, even if it’s to wake him up.

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

Jimin then played a quick-fire round of “This or That,” where he had to choose between options regarding his nighttime routine.

What would you listen to before bed? Classical music vs. Nature sounds

Which blanket texture? Crinkly and cool vs. Cozy and warm

Which blanket design? Plain and neat vs. Checkered

Do you turn on the nightstand before bed? Yes vs. No

Which pillow? High vs. Low (Choice: Neither)

Which workout before bed? Basic stretching vs. Intense ab crunches


Which bedtime book? A healing essay vs. A slow touching novel

What comforts you before bed? A round of games vs. Online shopping

Do you sleep with a blanket in the summer? Yes vs. No

Must-have winter items? Heated mattress pad vs. Cozy fleece pants and socks (Real choice: Neither)

Which nature sound before bed? Crickets vs. Waves

You can read more about the members’ nighttime routines below.

BTS V Drops His Full Night Routine — And ARMYs Are Shook By What He Wears To Sleep 


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