It’s Official: BTS’s Jimin Is A Certified Romantic

He spends his nights in the most charming way.

BTS‘s Jimin is everyone’s Prince Charming! Not only does he look the part, he also has a dreamy and romantic side that he recently opened up even more about to his fans.

It’s no secret that Jimin loves The Notebook. Released in 2004, the romantic movie is loved by many.

However, Jimin isn’t just a casual fan. He’s named the iconic movie on numerous occasions as one of his all-time favorites and something that inspires him to show the same deep love for his fans.

The Notebook. I like it so much that I think I’ve watched it about five times. I like the vibe so much to each and every detail. The portrayed emotions  are so beautiful. It’s like I want to have this kind of love with ARMYs.

— Jimin

Most recently, Jimin shared with ARMYs that he was staying up in the late hours of the night to watch his favorite movie yet again.

7th time (watching) The Notebook… heh

— Jimin

Soon after, he still wasn’t ready to go to sleep. He shared that he wanted to watch one more movie before sleeping and chose his next film.

It’s called Allied, this is my third time watching it


— Jimin

Jimin’s love for romantic movies shows his soft and sentimental side that ARMYs love to see…

…and yes, now we’re all dreaming of a romantic movie night with Jimin!

Nobody can escape his charm!

However, he isn’t the only romantic member in BTS. Check out more below!

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