BTS Jimin’s Casual Clothes Could Casually Leave You Bankrupt   

This comfy look is surprisingly expensive.

If you’re hoping to add Jimin‘s latest look to your wardrobe, you might have to take out a loan first.

On May 1, Jimin held a live-stream where he announced his new role as music project manager for the creation of BTS’s self-produced album.


In the video, Jimin wore a casual, black outfit accessorized with a matching bag. As usual, shopper ARMYs quickly tracked down the brand and prices…then had a collective heart attack.

Jimin’s Saint Laurent hoodie costs over $3,000 USD…

…and his Saint Laurent bag is priced at over $1,000 USD. That’s $4,380 not including his shirt, pants, shoes, hat, or mask!

Once again though, some ARMYs have proven that they aren’t quite as broke as they claim to be. Jimin’s sweater is still in stock, but the bag has already sold out!

Find out more about Jimin’s new role here:

BTS’s Jimin To Be The Music Project Manager For Upcoming Album