BTS’s Jimin Proves That The Perfect Job Actually Exists

“We volunteer as a tribute!”

Growing up is inevitable, and along with the added pressures of being an adult, getting a job is one of the certainties in life for most people.

While all jobs have their perks, none of them are perfect… but it seems like BTS might have the ideal job with legit no downsides.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

On March 17, BTS’s Jimin released the video for his pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt. 2.”

As expected, the song truly took over the world, and the idol wowed netizens with his unreal talent, undeniable dancing skills, and his flawless visuals. Considering that his album is yet to be released, it had fans excited about what to expect.

The music video for BTS Jimin’s song | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

So, what does this have to do with jobs?

On March 21, Jimin released some behind-the-scenes footage from the music video. Throughout the video, he took ARMYs on the journey to film the epic video, including the process of changing and preparing for the main point of the choreography.


Despite being a huge star, the dancers also seemed to be having a great time working with Jimin. While watching some of the footage, they all cheered for each other and seemed to have a strong bond which was based on mutual talent and respect.

Jimin even made sure to lighten the mood with some jokes considering the long hours they’d been working and would continue to do in order to end the video.

Yet, while the directors and producers have a great job… the stylists definitely take the title of “Best Job.” Throughout the shoot, it’s their job to make Jimin look even more handsome (if that’s even possible.)

In particular, they had one very important job… which any ARMYs would happily take. During the video, Jimin shocked fans with his exposing outfit, where he had the words of a German poem “tattooed” onto his skin.

Jimin hilariously compared it to SAT cheat notes. But it was even more impressive because Jimin had proposed the outfit idea to the director to make the video even more impactful!


Jimin wasn’t afraid to show ARMYs more of the intricate design as he took off his jacket when monitoring what he’d just filmed.

When the video was posted, many explained that those stylists who created the text designs and those around Jimin had the best job. Not only did they get to watch Jimin perform, but they saw him shirtless, and more importantly, many believe they saw THAT moon tattoo!

While Jimin will definitely show ARMYs the tattoo in his own time, the fact that many have already seen it and had the luck of seeing it up, close and personal, shows that the perfect job does exist… as long as it’s to do with BTS!

You can read more reactions to the shocking outfit and Jimin’s video below.

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