A Sneak Peek Of BTS’s “Me, Myself, & Jimin” Is Driving ARMY Crazy

Check out his leather outfit! 😍

BTS‘s latest Special Photofolio merch is giving each member a chance to shine. Each book focuses on one member with their own unique concept and is announced shortly before their birthday.

| Weverse

Starting with Jungkook, his dark and romantic vampire concept left fans in awe of his gorgeous visuals.

Jungkook | Naver

Next, RM‘s natural vibe and artsy side came through in his own concept in nature.

RM | Naver

According to the order of their birthdays, fans are now anticipating the announcement of Jimin‘s Special Photofolio. However, ARMY have already found a spoiler photo for his concept!

Jimin | BIGHIT Music

Rocking black leather and spikes, this concept is definitely for fans of edgy styles.

ARMY also noticed his dainty neck tattoo of the words “Tailer of Change” in cursive.

With only one photo showing off the new concept, ARMY agree that the look fits right in with Jimin’s other iconic alternative looks, lovingly dubbed “Kitty Gang Jimin” and “Alley Cat Jimin.”

It didn’t take long for Jimin to trend worldwide on Twitter from excited fans!

As expected, not only are fans tweeting about him, they’re already flocking to recreate the beautiful photo in their own artistic ways. Check out some of the fanart inspired by Jimin’s concept below.