BTS’s Jimin Plans To Differ From This One Military Enlistment Tradition

He asked fans not to expect it from him.

On December 5, KST, BIGHIT MUSIC notified fans about the upcoming enlistment details of BTS members RMJiminV, and Jungkook. The same day, the four members hosted a surprise livestream on Weverse to greet fans together.

(From L to R) V, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook | Weverse

Though it was technically a broadcast to bid their farewells to ARMYs before their enlistment, all four members appeared cheerful, joking away while talking about their future plans.

While the military enlistment of a celebrity is often saddening for fans, one thing that many look forward to is seeing their dramatic hair transformation right before enlistment since soldiers are required to cut their hair very short as per the military standards. Among the three enlisted BTS members, J-Hope and Jin have shown ARMYs their nearly-shaved heads before their enlistment.

Jin | Weverse
Jin | Weverse

During the recent Weverse live, when the topic of shaving their hair came up, V and Jungkook ended up revealing their new hairstyles, intentionally and unintentionally, respectively. Since RM has already shortened his hair in the last few months, the only person left to “reveal” his pre-enlistment hair is Jimin. His current blonde hair has been all the craze among ARMYs lately.

However, when RM pointed out that ARMYs might be shocked to see him drastically go from blonde hair to a shaved head, he replied that he might not even show it to them! Jimin said he would instead do it “quietly,”  telling fans he doesn’t want to share that appearance with them.

Jimin’s comment has been met with different reactions from ARMYs. Some are sad at the possibility of not getting to see Jimin while he finished his service, while others are asking fellow fans to respect his wishes and not spread photos in case they come from any other source than the singer himself.

Well, whether he said it jokingly or not, all ARMYs could wish for was his safe return from the military.