BTS’s Jimin Earns Praise For His Behavior Toward Reporters At Incheon Airport

“The most respectful human on Earth 🥹”

BTS‘s Jimin is preparing for his solo debut on March 24, and ahead of his album’s release, he was spotted at Incheon Airport for a flight to a personal schedule.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

It was announced that Jimin would be flying to New York, and per usual, the BTS member became the main event before he even arrived at the airport as fans and media waited eagerly to see him.

Jimin arrived in a chic all-black outfit but even covered up in a jacket, jeans, and hat, he still shined.

As a model ambassador for luxury jewelry house Tiffany & Co., a partnership that was officially announced earlier this month, Jimin’s only piece of jewelry was Tiffany & Co.’s $24,000 USD T1 wide diamond-hinged bangle in 18k gold.

What really stole the show upon Jimin’s arrival were his humble personality and impeccable manners, continuing to set the standard for top-star behavior.

Jimin happily greeted the waiting media and ARMYs, taking time to bow and pose for pictures ahead of his flight.

Netizens especially took notice of a specific moment when Jimin’s true personality shined as he greeted ARMYs and reporters.

A fan-taken video captured Jimin walking through the airport when he approached the crowd waiting to see him. He slowed down before eventually standing still to continue bowing and posing for photos.

| @jmnpromise/Twitter 

As he did that, a member of his security team attempted to hurry Jimin along, motioning for him to continue moving forward.

Instead, Jimin continued to bow, making sure to greet the long line of people waiting to see him.

| @jmnpromise/Twitter

After spending time to acknowledge the crowd personally, Jimin then moved on to hurry to his flight.

As the video circulated, netizens pointed out Jimin’s caring and selfless behavior toward fans and media present.

While a crowd was gathered for the global star, an unexpected fan was waiting for Jimin at the airport, which caught netizens’ attention. Check out more about that in the article below!

BTS Jimin’s Arrival At Incheon Airport Gains Attention After The Most Unexpected Actions From An Unexpected Fanboy

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