BTS’s Jimin Was Surprised By Something Unexpected When He Met President Joe Biden

He was nervous meeting him.

BTS received immense praise when they visited the White House to give a speech to conclude the celebration of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

In both their address to reporters at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre‘s press briefing and their meeting with President Joe Biden, BTS touched on important topics, like anti-Asian hate crimes and the importance of diversity and inclusion.

They [BTS] have been very vocal about the hate that’s happened in America. We’ve done events throughout the month with many prominent Asian American figures. This was just one to close out the month with someone who Asians all over the world look up to, especially Asians in America. Visibility matters, representation matters on screen. Them being prominently featured on the podium and with the President — I think it’s something great for young people all over the country to see Asians represented in the White House.

— White House official via Teen Vogue

BTS at the press briefing | @WhiteHouse/Twitter

Netizens praised BTS not only for their eloquent and important speeches but for their reason for accepting the invitation and, especially, the fact that BTS paid for the trip themselves.

And BTS were also directly praised by President Joe Biden for the messages they share with their massive fanbase.

BTS with President Joe Biden | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

A recent behind-the-scenes look into BTS’s time at the White House proves just how seriously the group took their position as ambassadors, trying to perfect every detail of their appearance. And V and Jungkook even attempted to alleviate some stress by putting on their own skit.


In addition to the press briefing, Jimin admitted that he was also nervous about meeting Joe Biden. While talking to J-Hope, Jimin explained that he could understand Joe Biden while they were sitting and talking.

J-Hope: [Jimin] didn’t know what to do [when meeting President Joe Biden].

Jimin: But when he was talking while seated, he spoke slower so I could understand it a bit, so I was just listening to him.


But as soon as they stood up to shake hands, Jimin was surprised by how tall President Joe Biden was.

Jimin: But during the handshake we were up close like this.

J-Hope: Right!

Jimin: He’s super tall as well…


But despite any nervousness, BTS did a phenomenal job sharing their message.

You can read more about their visit here.

BTS Speaks On Diversity And Anti-Asian Hate At The White House Press Briefing



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