BTS Jimin’s Biggest Insecurity Is One Of ARMY’s Favorite Things About Him

He’s perfect the way he is! 💜

Even someone as flawless as BTS‘s Jimin still has his own insecurities!

During BTS’s ‘DECO KIT’ photoshoot, he looked beyond adorable in his striped shirt and blonde hair.

However, he had his own set of critiques for himself when monitoring his photos.

I do look a bit puffy…

— Jimin

Jimin has complained about his puffy face during photoshoots and music video shoots, once sadly claiming a video was “ruined” because of it.

Even the BTS members have tried to ease Jimin’s worries. During FESTA 2021, Jin awarded Jimin the “You’re Not Puffy” award with the most heartwarming explanation.

You keep saying you’re puffy, but you’re not so stop pressuring yourself.

— Jin

| BTS FESTA 2021

However, ARMYs have a different approach. If Jimin appears showing off his natural and puffy face, it’s praised for being totally cute…

…and has even earned him some adorable nicknames, like “Mochi!”

Even the BTS members themselves find it endearing whenever Jimin looks a little extra squishy.

Jimin may be insecure about his puffiness, but to everyone else, it makes him even cuter!