BTS Jimin’s Reaction To Being Locked Out Of His Van At The Airport Shows His True Personality

As crowds surrounded the global star, he was unable to enter his van.

BTS‘s Jimin recently returned to Korea after spending a few days in London for his personal schedule.

As expected, a large crowd of fans and media waited to welcome Jimin home and, in turn, witnessed an unexpected and less-than-ideal moment that Jimin took in stride.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Jimin shared hints of his activities from his London trip on his Instagram, which included time spent at Warner Bros. Studio for a tour of The Making Of Harry Potter walking exhibit.

BTS’s Jimin at the Warner Bros. Studio tour in London | @j.m/Instagram
| @j.m/Instagram
| @j.m/Instagram

Based on his outfit, it appeared that he boarded his flight home shortly after his Warner Bros. Studio tour, and even though the flight from London to Seoul is almost 13 hours, Jimin happily greeted the fans waiting for him at the airport in Seoul.

BTS’s Jimin arriving back in Seoul | @koreadispatch/Instagram
| @koreadispatch/Instagram

Videos from his arrival showed that the global star was surrounded by fans and media as soon as he emerged from the arrivals terminal.

As he made his way to the van waiting for him, fans noticed that it took him a minute to get in the vehicle, which is unusual for idols as they usually swiftly enter their vans for safety reasons when large crowds are present.

A video taken by a fan revealed that it was because Jimin was locked out of the van.

With crowds of people surrounding him and his security team urgently working on getting him into the vehicle, Jimin kept his cool and laughed off the unideal situation, showing his kind and easygoing personality.

Luckily, Jimin was able to get in the van and safely leave the airport, continuing to greet ARMYs as he departed.

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