“He Still Hates Aegyo” — BTS’s Jimin Reluctantly Participates In The “PoPiPo” Challenge And The Results Are Hilarious

He’s unintentionally SO cute!

The BTS members are no strangers to participating in the latest viral challenges. They always do their best, whether they’re creating a challenge…

J-Hope does the “Run BTS” challenge 

…or joining another artist to participate in their challenge.

Jungkook does LE SSERAFIM’s “Perfect Night” challenge

When it comes to Jimin, he’ll do just about any challenge. However, expect him to put in the most effort when it’s a dance challenge!

Jimin does NewJeans’ “ETA” challenge 

As for the aegyo challenges, that’s a different story! Recently, he participated in the “Sorry For Being Cute” challenge during his Special Talk with fans — and it turned out something like this.

Jimin does the “Sorry For Being Cute” challenge 

Now, he reluctantly joined the super cute “PoPiPo” challenge and the expression on his face says it all! When the staff was ready to help Jimin join the adorable trend, he was not very excited to say the least.

(Urgently) ‘Jimin-ssi! Jimin-ssi!’
🐣 ‘Yes?’
🤳 ‘Popi popipo’ 😐 ‘Popipo’ 😮‍💨

— BTS/TikTok (Caption)

Jimin does the “PoPiPo” challenge 

Even his own caption shows he’s not very fond of aegyo.


— Jimin

Jimin wasn’t feeling it, but ARMYs certainly fell for the cute video!

It’s no secret that throughout the years, Jimin has always hated doing aegyo

…but it doesn’t matter: He’s naturally cute!

Watch the full TikTok below.


(다급)지민씨! 지민씨! 🐣네? 🤳뽀삐 뽀삐뽀😐 뽀삐뽀😮‍💨 #아미들이좋아한다니까하는데그래서이게뭐라구요❓️ #지민 #Jimin

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