BTS’s Jimin Reveals The Meaning Behind The Song “Fly To My Room” 

He talked about “BE’s” second track at BTS’s press conference.

At the BTS Global Press Conference “BE”Jimin discussed the second track on BTS‘s new album, “Fly to My Room”.

“Fly to My Room” is an upbeat unit song featuring two rappers (Suga and J-Hope) and two vocalists (Jimin and V). Its Korean title, “내방을 여행하는법”, translates to “How to Travel My Room” or “The Way I Travel My Room”.

Like BE‘s title track, “Life Goes On”, “Fly to My Room” is about the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically travel restrictions.

The song ‘Fly to My Room’ is about the situation where we can’t travel freely, and how the idea of traveling will change in the future.

— Jimin

These restrictions can be stressful and frustrating, but Jimin emphasized that this song is not meant to be a sad one.

But this song is not a sad song or a melancholy song. It’s about traveling to my room, flying to my room, and it’s a fun song, so I hope you can listen to it, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it.

— Jimin

Listen to “Fly to My Room” here:

Source: Big Hit Labels