BTS’s Jimin And RM’s Attitude While Filming The “My Universe” MV Showcases Their True Personalities

They’re true professionals!

BTS‘s Jimin and RM have the attitude of true professionals when working, so when the two of them had a scene together in the “My Universe” music video, they got right down to business!

Constantly rehearsing even the tiniest of details, they made sure every second was as smooth as possible.

Even for a scene that only lasts a few seconds, they recorded it multiple times…

…and even suggested ideas to improve the small details.

Along the way, there will always be funny and awkward scenes that make the boys laugh!

Namjoon looks like he’s reaching out for help!

— J-Hope

However, in the end, they do their best and lift each other up.

Like true professionals, they monitor and perfect every detail!

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