BTS’s Jimin Shares How He Dodged Getting Recognized By A Fan While Gaming With Her Online

You could say she got played *ba dum tuss*.

BTS‘s Jimin appeared as a guest on SBS Radio on March 31 to promote his solo album Face.

During the interview, he answered some of the questions submitted by the fans sitting in the audience. One of them asked him if people recognize him by his voice on the phone. Jimin admitted that it does happen to him. In fact, he shared a story about how he got recognized by a fan during a video gaming session once.

| @SBS_Radio/YouTube

Jimin said while he was playing a video game online, one of his co-players, who was a middle school student, told him that he sounded just like BTS’s Jimin. When she asked if he was indeed Jimin, the BTS member quickly switched to a satoori speech and denied even knowing about Jimin.

When the story spread on Twitter, fans were immediately reminded of a similar incident Jimin had shared a few months back during a live broadcast. He had gone to Busan to have a meal alone, and the restaurant owner recognized him partially. So, he went up to Jimin to confirm, and Jimin denied it straight away. This time too, he switched to his Busan satoori and pretended not to know Jimin. His act was so convincing that it even ended up confusing the owner if Jimin’s hometown was Daejeon instead of Busan.

ARMYs are floored by this comical tactic Jimin seems to use every time to avoid getting spotted in public.