BTS’s Jimin Shares His Father’s Unexpected Reaction To His Album “Face”

He shared the story with fans during a recent Weverse live.

On April 4, KST, BTS‘s Jimin made history as the first and only Korean soloist to ever top the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his new title track “Like Crazy.” To celebrate the occasion with fans, the singer did a brief livestream on Weverse at around 3:30 am KST.

Jimin conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to ARMYs and thanked all the producers who worked with him on the album. He also mentioned his members and said he got congratulatory calls from RM and J-Hope after the chart was released.

Jimin shared that his father called him up as well and said he was proud of his son’s achievement. But as happy as Mr. Park might be right now, the BTS member also added that his father’s reaction to listening to Face for the first time was not so joyous.

According to Jimin, his father actually felt sad after listening to the songs on Face for the first time. Though he mentioned this on the fly, J-Hope, who was watching the livestream, asked him in the comments about the reason behind his father’s initial reaction.

When I first made this album, I played it at my house telling my father, ‘Dad, this is my first album.’ But he told me it made him sad and he cried. I didn’t know that very album would receive so much love.


Jimin, too, wondered out loud what exactly about the album made his father sad. Though Jimin was unsure what his father understood while listening to the songs, Mr. Park told him that the content of the album was sad to him as a father.

Given that the album deals with some of the hurt and painful emotions he went through during the pandemic, it might be understandable why Jimin’s father was saddened by the songs. But the fact that Jimin was able to turn his negative emotions into a pathbreaking piece of art is also probably one of his proudest achievements as a father.