BTS’s Jimin Gets Very Shy After J-Hope Can’t Stop Thanking Him For Attending “Lollapalooza”

“You were my light…”

When it comes to the members of BTS, they have always had a special connection with each other that makes them more of a family. Over the years, they have showcased their support for each other no matter what and made sure to be there whenever another member might need it.

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In particular, that was evident when it was announced that J-Hope would be making history as the first Korean to headline the American festival Lollapalooza. J-Hope seemed to be enjoying some time in Chicago alone…

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But ARMYs couldn’t hide their smiles when Jimin was spotted flying to America to be there to support J-Hope. The idol was all smiles as he left Korea to join his member.

BTS’s J-Hope at Incheon Airport

Of course, Jimin was watching from the sidelines throughout the entire performance and was cheering J-Hope on.

Jimin was seen dancing and jumping along like he didn’t have any cares in the world. Although he might perform with J-Hope all time as BTS, Jimin was there as a fan and showcased his love throughout the set.

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Even as he was leaving, he couldn’t help but share how proud he was of his hyung and just how amazing he had done.

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Yet, it seems like as much as in awe Jimin was of J-Hope, J-Hope couldn’t stop sharing his gratitude towards his dongsaeng. After Lollapalooza, J-Hope surprised fans by starting a live broadcast and was later joined by Jimin. It was a truly heartwarming broadcast, and fans couldn’t get over how sweet the two members were.


During the broadcast, J-Hope admitted that he didn’t know that Jimin was coming to watch the show. He explained how tough rehearsals in Chicago had been but as soon as Jimin arrived, he couldn’t stop laughing.


Of course, that was cute, but it was the thanks and words J-Hope said to Jimin that touched ARMYs. Many groups might expect their members to come, so don’t think much of it, but J-Hope seemed genuinely emotional.

Jimin was a big source of strengt, and was a big help. I’m so thankful he came such a long distance and supported me.

— J-Hope


He even shared that before Jimin arrived, he wasn’t eating much due to the stresses, adding that having a BTS member with him allowed him to feel more secure.


J-Hope then explained that he almost felt as if he was in a dark room while rehearsing and cutely described the moment Jimin arrived by calling his member “The Light.” 


Even though Jimin found it an odd phrase and even seemed embarrassed by it, J-Hope kept reiterating just how much Jimin had done for him. He added, “No, but really you were my light.”


Yet, it seemed like Jimin didn’t mind.

According to one of the group’s youngest members, he was always going to come because he thought that J-Hope would be lonely as they have always performed and traveled for performances as a group. Jimin even added that he couldn’t have done it if it was him.


Even though it might have seemed like no big deal to Jimin, his presence definitely seemed to be exactly what J-Hope needed. BTS never fails to support each other, even if it means traveling to the other side of the world.

You can read more about Jimin cheering on J-Hope at Lollapalooza below.

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