Here’s How Shy BTS’s Jimin Actually Is Behind The Scenes

In real life, he gets embarrassed easily!

ARMY might never guess that even someone as outgoing as BTS‘s Jimin feels shy, sometimes!

Fans got a sneak peak into an adorable moment from Jimin during the group’s recent Proof promotions. Jimin was ready to take some backstage photos for Instagram, but he couldn’t do it with J-Hope around!

Jimin resumed his mini photoshoot after J-Hope promised he wouldn’t look…

…but when their eyes accidentally met, the two burst into laughter!

Just as Jimin gathered his composure, another distraction took place.

This time, and Jin infiltrated the room…

…and Jin had no intention of just walking by! Before leaving, Jin made one final joke where Jimin was taking photos.

In the final photo on Instagram, you would never know how shy Jimin really is…

| @j.m/Instagram 

…but judging from J-Hope’s comment, it was a funny experience they’ll remember!

However, Jimin’s shyness extends beyond taking photos in front of the members. Even monitoring his own passionate performance brought out his shyness.

Sometimes, even the BTS members cringe at themselves!

Watch the full video below.