BTS’s Jimin Returns To Weverse To Simp Over RM, But ARMYs Are Distracted By Something Else

Jimin’s return to Weverse proves HYBE needs to shut their gyms…

Social media is the perfect way for idols to interact with fans, and BTS is no different. Yet, there are some members who are more active than others.

BTS’s Jimin recently returned to Weverse to celebrate the release of RM’s new album Indigo, but ARMYs were distracted.

BTS’s Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

On December 2, RM released his album Indigo and wowed netizens with the beautiful music video for his track “Wild Flower.”


As always, the members showcased their support on social media, and Jimin was no different when it came to RM.

BTS’s RM (left) and Jimin (right) | HYBE

ARMYs rejoiced as Jimin finally returned to social media to celebrate the release of leader RM’s new album.

In the photo, Jimin looked like he was either worshipping or proposing to RM. There was a cake in the background, so many assumed that Jimin had come to celebrate the album release with RM.

| Weverse

Yet, as heartwarming as the return to Weverse was… there was something ARMYs just couldn’t stop talking about — Jimin’s biceps. Over the years, Jimin has gained attention for his dazzling physique.

So, when Jimin posted the picture with RM, it was unsurprising that many ARMYs’ attention went straight to the very tight-fitting blue sweater.

Many joked that the reason he had been so inactive was that he’d been spending so much time in the gym… the HYBE gym many have wanted to be shut down for this reason.

If that wasn’t enough, Jimin then shared a picture from when he must’ve visited RM during filming. As good as the picture was, it was the caption that stuck out as he wrote, “I fell for him because he was so cool.”

| Weverse

So, while ARMYs were simping over Jimin’s arms, the idol wanted to show how much he was falling for RM’s good looks. It seems as if there’s too much to take in, but ARMYs will gladly take all the content.

Source: Weverse