BTS’s Jimin Slipped On Stage…And Made It Look Beautifully Graceful

Here’s how a true professional handles it.

During BTS‘s concert PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL, Jimin impressed fans with his amazing professionalism. He turned a fall on stage into a move so graceful it blended in with the choreography.


During his part in “Black Swan”, Jimin powerfully sang his lines and dashed towards the front of the stage. He soon ran into a problem that he handled gracefully.

| @53_5813/Twitter

With feathers all over the stage, it became slippery. Jimin slipped and fell but didn’t let it phase him one bit. Without missing a single note, Jimin continued to sing and turned the fall into a dance move by leaning back as if it was part of the choreography.

Just as gracefully, Jimin smoothly got back on his feet and jumped right back into the choreography with the other members.

ARMYs who watched the concert’s live stream were left impressed by how smoothly Jimin handled it, hoping that he didn’t receive any injuries in the process.

Others hadn’t even noticed that Jimin had slipped, continuing to praise him for his professionalism.

Fans might not have to worry about Jimin being seriously hurt by the fall, though. He was seen having some fun by sliding around on stage.

Jimin definitely excels in professionalism. Who can handle a fall so quickly and turn it into a graceful dance move that nearly fooled fans?

Source: Twitter


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