BTS’s Jimin Spills On How The Members Reacted To His Solo Debut

“They told me…”

BTS‘s Jimin became the next member to make his solo debut, releasing his first album FACE and promoting the title track “Like Crazy”. Since fans were vocal about their excitement for the idol’s solo debut, Jimin revealed how the members reacted to the news.

Jimin | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Since many were curious, Music Bank MC and actor Lee Chae Min asked Jimin how the members responded to his solo.

Understanding everything that goes into making a solo debut, BTS cheered him on. Jimin answered, “They told me I worked hard and that they wish me luck on today’s performances.

Jimin shared how supportive they were by adding, “I even talked to them on the phone before coming here.” One of them went a step further, though.

For the same Music Bank episode that aired the interview, J-Hope surprised Jimin by visiting the studio to cheer him on in person.

No matter what BTS does, the members are always their biggest supporters.


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