BTS’s Jimin Suffered Because Of One Game, But Suga Completed It In The Blink Of An Eye


Some people have all the luck while others seem to have none!

Suga completing a challenge | Run BTS!/Weverse

BTS found out who were the most fortunate members in Episode 127 of Run BTS! where they played the “Lucky 7” game. Blowing bubbles, stacking cups, and controlling a ring were just some challenges they needed to overcome in order to go home early.

Jimin, despite being an overall athletic guy, just couldn’t catch a break. There was one game that was his worst enemy: sweeping three bottles with a stick without causing it to fall.

| Run BTS!/Weverse

No matter how many times he did it…

…or what new moves he planned…

Why do I keep failing in this?

— Jimin

…or how long his breaks in between tries were, it was no use. Jimin just couldn’t stop the bottles from falling over.

It was even worse for him because it was the last game needed to accomplish in order to go home.

It’s five times harder [than using a table cloth]. It’s hard to set up, too. I passed everything else. I’ll be done with this.

— Jimin

This was a great contrast to Suga who got it right on his first try! Jungkook, RM, V, and Jin joined Jimin as part of the audience who couldn’t contain their shock at the rapper’s easy game.

Just one try and he won!

His look of victory was as grand as his unbeatable feat.

While Suga celebrated and the others clapped behind him, Jimin immediately got to work recreating his winning round.

After many more tries, Jimin was the final person in the group who succeeded in completing the game. He could hardly believe his luck, saying, “Did you see that? You can do anything as long as you continue putting effort.”

It was one tough episode for BTS! To see more of their hardships, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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