BTS’s Jimin And V Put Their Friendship To The Ultimate Test

Friends…or enemies? They found out on “Run BTS!”.

BTS‘s Jimin and V have overcome many trials and tribulations together, but can their friendship survive the ultimate test?

Jimin and V | Run BTS!/Weverse

In Episode 127 of Run BTS!, BTS pushed their patience levels to the breaking point with “Lucky Seven”, a frustrating series of 14 challenges that included hula hooping, blowing bubbles, and water bottles.

These games, though simple, weren’t easy. For the bottle challenge, each member had to flick out bottle caps out from under three upside-down water bottles without knocking them over. How hard could it be?

| Run BTS!/Weverse

Suga succeeded in one try, but for Jimin? It was nearly impossible! This former kendo champ went from being a confident contestant in the lead…

…to suffering a mental breakdown.

He failed over and over again as, one by one, his members passed, putting him in last place. The earlier a member passed the gauntlet, the sooner he could go home.

V was the second-last member to pass the bottle challenge. He and Jimin sang their duet, “Friends”, to cheer each other on, but friendship means nothing when a grand prize is at stake! As soon as V passed the bottle challenge, he peaced out — right in the middle of their song!

Little did V know that one last hurdle awaited him. Before leaving, each member had to win Rock Paper Scissors. Whichever member lost the final round of this game had to complete a dominos before he could leave.

Unaware of this, V lost Rock Paper Scissors and freed RM, who couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Meanwhile, after what felt like centuries, Jimin passed the bottle challenge and went to where his friend-turned-rival was waiting for him.

Once more, Jimin and V serenaded each other with “Friends” then faced off. In the end, Jimin won, setting himself and Jungkook free. V couldn’t believe his bad luck, but Jimin was there to cheer him up!

After all, what are friends for?