BTS’s Jimin And Suga Have Very Different Mindsets Towards Cursing In Songs

Not that it’s a competition, but one of them is definitely scoring higher.

BTS members Suga and Jimin reunited for the latest episode of SUCHWITA, where the two talked about Jimin’s new album Face at length.

Suga asked Jimin to introduce each song on the album and the story behind it chronologically. Starting with the first track, “Face-off,” he asked Jimin about the keywords on which the lyrics were based. Jimin hesitated a bit, wondering if it would be okay to say it aloud because the keyword was a swear word. Suga assured him that it was okay to say it on camera, but the word ended up getting censored in the episode.

Suga then cockily admitted that his own guide tracks are always filled with swear words from start to finish. Jimin quickly added that Suga swearing in his demos wasn’t an issue, but the fact that he uses the same curse word during the whole song was hilarious to him.

Suga quickly defended himself, saying it’s because he is not fluent in English. “If I were fluent in English, I’d do it like Namjoon,” he added, talking about the group’s leader RM.

While Jimin was unsure about revealing the curse word as the keyword for his song, Suga nonchalantly said that even if he swears in the actual song, he doesn’t dwell on what others might think about it. Jimin responded by saying that the curse word is also included in “Face-off,” but you need to listen to the song carefully to hear it.

Given that he used the word “f*ck” in the lyrics quite a few times, it’s possible that either that was the keyword, or there is some other swear word hidden somewhere in the background of the track, waiting to be noticed.