Who’s Next? BTS’s Jimin And Suga Become Ambassadors For Designer Brands, But More Could Be On The Way

After social media activity, there could be a fight ahead for these brands!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has seen their popularity and influence rocket globally. So, it isn’t surprising that brands and companies are fighting to work with the members.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

One of the most shocking things about BTS in the past was that none of the members had individual brand deals. Yet, that recently changed after BTS’s Jimin was announced as the newest global ambassador for the designer brand DIOR.

BTS’s Jimin for DIOR | DIOR

Suga was recently picked as the global brand ambassador for Valentino.

BTS’s Suga for Valentino | Valentino
| Valentino

After the announcements that Jimin and Suga had become brand ambassadors for huge brands, netizens believe that there might be more on the way, especially by looking at social media activity by brands.

If DIOR wasn’t enough for Jimin, it seems like Jimin could be on his way to another brand deal after netizens noticed several members of the team at Tiffany & Co following him on Instagram.

Eagle-eyed netizens online have recently noticed that those in high positions at the fashion brand Bottega Veneta have been spotted following leader RM on Instagram, maybe hinting at a collaboration.

Bottega working with RM also seems more imaginable as the idol wore their clothing during his promotions for “Indigo.” The effortlessly elegant and sophisticated cuts of the brand are perfect for RM, and he would undoubtedly be the best person to represent them.

BTS’s RM dressed in Botega Veneta | BIGHIT MUSIC

While there has been no other social media activity, there are endless possibilities for the rest of the members.

When it comes to V, there is no doubt that many believe CELINE could be fighting for the idol to represent them as he has shone for the brand before, particularly during global events.

BTS’s V for CELINE at Paris Fashion Week | @thetaeprint/Twitter
| @thetaeprint/Twitter

Also, with J-Hope set to travel for Louis Vuitton‘s fashion show later in the week and Jungkook always rocking Versace, it seems like it might not be long before all the members are ambassadors for designer brands.

Although Jin is currently serving his mandatory military service, he will undoubtedly have a list of brands waiting to make him a brand ambassador when he returns.

When the news came out, ARMYs couldn’t help but wonder what the future of the members would be with brands. With so much influence and the members starting to have individual deals, it will be a fight to have them represent top brands.

Only time will tell which brands the members pick, but any of them would be lucky to have BTS representing them on a global scale. You can read more about the members becoming ambassadors below.

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