BTS Jimin’s Two Biggest Role Models Are Total Opposites

He’s the perfect mix of both!

BTS‘s Jimin joined SHINee‘s Taemin on the latest episode of Suga‘s show Suchwita where they went in-depth about their friendship, collab stage, and more. Jimin discussed how Taemin is not only his good friend, but also an artist he looks up to.

Suga shared that after the “Hard” dance challenge video where Jimin and Taemin danced together, Taemin revealed that they share a similar dance style and type of artist.

However, this is because Jimin is influenced by Taemin!

From the beginning, Suga revealed that Jimin had Taemin as a role model.

Backstage, while waiting for their turn to perform, the BTS members would watch the performing artists. Jimin was particularly in awe of Taemin’s iconic stage “Danger.”

Jimin has multiple role models that represent the two different sides of himself he wants to share.

I told Taemin a long time ago he has a different sense of swag than BIGBANG‘s Taeyang, so I want them both.

— Jimin

Taemin’s appeal is his fluid movements and unique charisma…

…while Taeyang’s cool flair is the definition of “swag.”

When you combine both of these influences together, you get Jimin’s one-of-a-kind vibe!

Check out more from the episode below.

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