BTS’s Jimin Surprises ARMYs At V’s Solo Fanmeeting

Here are all the highlight moments!

BTS’s V recently held his first fanmeeting as a soloist, (V)ICNIC, at Kyunghee University’s Peace Amphitheater. The event’s atmosphere was much different than a usual fanmeet, with the outdoor venue and various entertainment segments prepared by the singer to interact with fans closely.

BTS’s V | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Though this was V’s solo meet, he brought out a surprise guest, making the afternoon even more special for ARMYs. It was none other than his bandmate Jimin! He mentioned that he came right away after V gave him a call and proposed he join the event, too.

ARMYs at the venue shared some exciting moments of Jimin and V on stage. The two participated in some of the fun activities, including the “Street ARMY Fighter” segment, where a select few audience members were invited on stage to dance battle the BTS members. Apart from dancing with the fans, V and Jimin also gave a brief dance performance to BTS’s “Go Go.”

A particular fan who came dressed as Bart Simpson from The Simpsons cartoon got lucky and experienced some cute moments with the two BTS members.

They even played ping pong together on stage!

The duo also performed together for ARMYs, singing their subunit song “Friends” live to the loud cheers from the audience.

V also made the fans sing Happy Birthday to Jimin, who celebrated his 28th birthday just a day before.

Much to the excitement of fans, V made an unofficial announcement as well, saying that Jimin and he would make an even cooler song in the near future.

The two took photos with the audience, and finally, V sent him off with a heart pose!

Since BTS’s temporary hiatus, it has been difficult for ARMYs to get to see this duo together, who were usually inseparable during their group activities. So, this reunion has been extra special for fans, reminding them how strong the bond between the 95-liners really is!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter