BTS’s Jimin Named As Tiffany & Co.’s New Brand Ambassador

Taking over the fashion world, one brand at a time.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but none shine brighter than BTS‘s Jimin!

Today, luxe jewelry and specialty design house Tiffany & Co. announced Jimin’s new position as house ambassador. In this sneak peek photo, Jimin wears Tiffany Lock bracelets with dazzling diamond accents.

What does his new job entail? As Tiffany’s ambassador, Jimin will make appearances at Tiffany events and appear in ad campaigns for the brand. His first ad campaign will be released later this year, but the launch date has not yet been announced.

It is a great honor to partner with Tiffany and embody the values of a brand that has a passion for design, innovation and artistry.

— Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany’s executive vice president for produce and communications, Alexandre Arnault, is looking forward to working with the global superstar.

We are looking forward to welcoming multifaceted artist and performer Jimin of BTS as our newest house ambassador. He embodies the energy, style and sense of modernity that epitomizes Tiffany and Co. We are proud and incredibly excited to unveil our future campaigns with him launching later this spring.

— Alexandre Arnault

This announcement has taken some ARMYs by surprise. After all, it’s been less than two months since DIOR named Jimin as their brand ambassador!

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Source: WWD