BTS’s Jimin Was 100% Confused When “No Fans” Showed Up To His Event… But Here’s The True Reason Behind The Lack Of Crowd

He looked visibly shookt.

BTS’s Jimin recently headed to New York as the ambassador for Tiffany & Co.. The brand welcomed him at their flagship store with open arms.

On the other hand, thousands of fans gathered with the hope of seeing their favorite star up close and personal. Never one to deny the fans, Jimin planned to greet fans before getting into his car to leave the venue.

Fans were a little disappointed when he did not show up at the front door to greet them after the event. Even so, they understood that at his magnitude, it might have been dangerous to do so. The only footage that was captured of him leaving the venue was by a paparazzo.

Jimin can be seen looking visibly confused and shocked by the fact that there were no fans waiting for him to get off work. But it turns out that it was all a huge misunderstanding! Jimin had originally planned to leave the venue and greet fans along the way. But he left by the wrong door by mistake. He shared the story behind this during a live stream recently.

There were many fans waiting for me in front of the store. I was unable to greet them then. There’s a behind-the-scenes story about that, that I want to tell you guys. I just thought of it suddenly. There was that… what was it again? I went there and there were so many of you! I was talking with my manager and we were like, “we should just open the door like ta-dah, say bye to everyone and leave.” So, my manager and I were so excited about that in the store, and we were like, “ok, let’s go say bye to everyone, let’s get dressed.” So, I thought that I would open the door, say bye to everyone, and get on the car. But when I opened the doors, there was absolutely no one. I had left via the wrong door. So, that was my memory of getting off work then.

— Jimin

Of course there would be many fans in wait for a world class star like him!