BTS Jimin’s Birthday Train Will Take You On A Magical Ride

His fansite planned a very special birthday gift that other fans can enjoy too.

Attention BTS fans! It’s time to board the Jimin train. #JIMTOBER is finally here!


In honor of Jimin’s 24th birthday, his fansites are planning special events, including a Jimin bus in Busan…


…a winter wonderland in autumn…


…and this beautifully customized subway train! Fansite fate_jimin organized this elaborate birthday project that all Seoul-bound ARMYs can enjoy.


If you’re a Jimin stan searching for a magical photo-op, look for Train 261, Car 5, Line 2 for a limited time.


The train will only be Jimin-ized from October 3 to November 2, so check it out while you can!