BTS’s Jimin Reveals His True Feelings On The “2021 GRAMMYs” And Why It’s Okay They Didn’t Win

He revealed why he wasn’t bothered about not winning.

BTS made history this year by becoming the first Korean act to receive a GRAMMY nomination and the first Korean act to perform at the GRAMMYs! For the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, BTS’s song “Dynamite” was nominated for “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” And, ARMYs around the world were devastated when BTS didn’t receive their well-deserved win. The members themselves attempted to remain positive as they were encouraged by ARMY.

BTS at the “2021 GRAMMY Awards” | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

Jimin expressed his gratitude toward ARMY shortly after the 2021 GRAMMY Awards aired by posting a sweet message on Twitter.

You all worked hard to stay by our side until this hour. Thank you for cheering us on, and because of that we have been able to have such an unthinkable experience. Thank you ARMY from the bottom of my heart, I am happy. I love you!

— Jimin

He has now shared his true feelings regarding the GRAMMYs in a new interview with Weverse Magazine. Interviewer Myungseok Kang asked Jimin how he felt about performing at the GRAMMY Awards. He said, “Surely it must’ve been meaningful to you in a number of ways.” Jimin explained that he wanted the performance to represent how culturally significant it was for BTS to perform there.

I wanted our performance to show what it meant for us to be up on that stage. A group of kids from Korea, each from their own neighborhood, can do this, too, so what’s the big deal about winning an award? That’s one thing I thought.

— Jimin

BTS at the “2021 GRAMMY Awards” | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

While BTS didn’t win their nomination, Jimin saw it as no “big deal.” Because, in the end, “the important thing” is that ARMYs are proud of BTS.

Of course you can’t get it if you’re not capable enough yet, but the important thing is that the people who like us can be proud of us, too. We did the performance in return for all the support they show us.

— Jimin

BTS at the “2021 GRAMMY Awards” | Blair Caldwell

We definitely couldn’t be more proud of BTS!

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Source: Weverse Magazine